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  1. Your Homepage indicates there might be price exceptions. Please explain?
  2. How does Pro Clean Carpet Care clean carpets?
  3. I am sensitive to some odors or chemicals. What can you do?
  4. How long will it take to clean my carpets?
  5. How long will it take for my carpets to dry?
  6. Can I walk on the carpet while it is still damp?
  7. Do I have to move the furniture?
  8. Do you apply a carpet or furniture protectent?
  9. Can you remove stains from my carpet?
  10. Is there a way I can remove some carpet stains in between your carpet cleaning visits??
  11. Can you stretch my loose carpets?
  12. Do you repair carpets?
  13. Do you do restorative carpet cleaning?
  14. Do you dye carpets?
  15. Can you clean and seal tile and grout floors?
  16. Can you strip and wax vinyl composite tile (VCT)?
  17. Do you provide water removal service?


  1. The price I quoted on my Homepage covers the case where the dirt and stains are typical, not excessive. In the extreme case, where I might have to go over an area several times to completely lift the dirt out, I would have to charge you an additional amount. When I arrive at your place, I'll take a look and the carpet condition and let you know in advance if there will be an additional charge. Return to top.
  2. I steam clean carpets and upholstery using the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning) with truck (van) mounted industrial equipment. Return to top.
  3. I have special cleaning agents for people who are sensitive to odors or chemicals, let me know and I'll stop by and you can see if these hyposensitive cleaners are safe for you. Return to top.
  4. Cleaning time is normally 1-2 hours. You can walk on carpet immediately after cleaning and not hurt it. Return to top.
  5. Drying time normally is 4-5 hours - Turning on fans or allowing outside air to flow through your home on nice days will help the carpet dry. Return to top.
  6. While the carpet is damp you can freely walk on it with no lasting effects, your footprints will disappear by vacuuming or grooming the carpet. Return to top.
  7. Moving furniture - Let me know what furniture you need moved. You can move most of the small furniture or all furniture. I do not charge for moving a few items of furniture or if you help move the furniture, and I have EZ glides that make furniture moving a lot easier. If I need a helper to move any items I may charge extra. Return to top.
  8. I can apply Scotch Guard on your carpets or a special protectant on your upholstery for a nominal fee at your request. Return to top.
  9. Yes, I can remove most stains. Most food, drink and normal dirt and traffic stains are removed with my cleaning service. Gum, paint, rust, colored dye stains from kool-aid or fruit drinks or wine require special treatment and usually can be removed. I may charge extra for large stains or multiple stained areas. Note that traffic areas that have turned gray may not restore to full color. Mustard or furniture stains will rarely come out of carpet or rugs. Return to top.
  10. Yes. I've compiled an extensive 40 page guide on how to do that for my customers. It is called the Carpet Spot and Stain Guide. If you would like a copy, send me an email and I'll send you a password so you can download the Guide to your computer. If you already have a password, click . Return to top.
  11. Yes, I can power stretch carpets. I can remove wrinkles and tighten loose carpets, in areas or entire rooms. Return to top.
  12. I can repair carpets, seams, patches, replace padding, repair or replace trim metal or hold down tack strip along carpet edges. Return to top.
  13. Yes, I do restorative cleaning. Severely neglected or trashed carpets need power scrubbing with special cleaners to clean up to an acceptable level, and there is an additional charge minimum of $15. Pull carpet, replace padding and tack strip which are no longer serviceable.

    I also do carpet rip-outs and seal concrete floors that are odorous. Return to top.
  14. I can dye carpets which are discolored but not worn out. Dying can brighten dull or faded carpets and some bleach burns can be spot dyed. Return to top.
  15. I can clean and seal tile and grout. Return to top.
  16. I can strip and wax vinyl composite tile (VCT) or linoleum flooring. Return to top.
  17. Yes, I can remove water. I do water extraction and fan drying. Return to top.
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